Welcome to Living Room PR, a public relations agency specializing in the home, decoration, architecture and construction sectors.

Our agency stands out for its sector exclusivity, its consultancy skills and its ability to transform brands’ challenges through unique PR strategies, with clearly defined and well-executed objectives.

Together, we’ll write inspiring stories that enhance your desirability and demonstrate our ability to engage audiences.

We’ll connect you with all the prescribers we work with. These constructive exchanges, an integral part of our operational approach, enrich the brand experience.

Being part of the ZMIROV PR Group enables us to offer you an ever more transversal vision. By pooling complementary business and sector expertise, you benefit from 360° action opportunities, with the involvement of a team that’s truly close to you.


Media Relations

  • Strategic Council
  • Brand & Product
  • Corporate & CSR
  • Media training
  • Crisis communication
  • International coordination and relay
  • Buying space and partnerships

Relationship Influence

  • Strategic Council
  • E-reputation
  • Influence Mapping
  • Paid and unpaid influence program
  • Infiltration with prescribers

Social Media Management

  • Editorial strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Community management
  • Social ads

Retail Communication

  • Strategic advice
  • Creation of traffic on the points of sale
  • Support on the display
  • Cross-marketing campaign

Brand Content

  • Content production
  • Storytelling
  • Art Direction
  • Photos and videos
  • Collaborations and co-branding


  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Production
  • Scenography
  • Making it happen

Pop-up Store

Just a step away from the showroom, this modular and polymorphic space can be transformed into an ephemeral boutique as well as an event-based launch space. It offers its visitors an immersive experience at the heart of the brand.